L'exigence en mouvement. 40 ans d'expérience en injection
et surmoulage de plastique et caoutchouc.

Moving forward for demanding markets.
40 years of experience in plastic
and rubber injection and overmoulding.

Medical – We design and inject medical parts

Because we have acquired know-how in watchmaking, and are accustomed to working with tight tolerances, we can create the technical injected parts you need in the medical field. We take your precision or micro-precision needs into account and determine with you the best solutions, depending on your objectives and constraints.

Medical – We design and inject medical parts:
• Syringes
• Various metal parts overmoulded with plastic or rubber, for example overmoulded metal scissor handles.
• We also have surface treatment and/or ISO 6 cleanroom control equipment and an ISO 8 controlled atmosphere packaging chamber.

Ask us for a quote or give us your ideas for series of all sizes. We will be happy to talk to you and make proposals. Contact form.