L'exigence en mouvement. 40 ans d'expérience en injection
et surmoulage de plastique et caoutchouc.

Moving forward for demanding markets.
40 years of experience in plastic
and rubber injection and overmoulding.

TAVON Injection, knowledge and skill in plastic and rubber injection and overmoulding.

Moving forward for demanding markets

For more than 40 years now, TAVON Injection has been acquiring and developing knowledge and skills in plastic and rubber injection and overmoulding.

Our mission: innovate alongside customers, to meet stringent technical and aesthetic requirements for parts produced in series using injection moulding, for watchmaking, medical devices, inter-operational flows and industry.


A dash of audacity combined with uncompromising technical excellence
Sometimes needs must be reconsidered as a result of changes in environmental requirements, technologies, materials and eco-design methods.

TAVON Injection works with you to meet the stringent requirements of your plastics projects.


Ask us for a quote or give us your ideas for series of all sizes. We will be happy to talk to you and make proposals, Contact form..

Our Know-How

We put our mechanical skills to work designing and producing tooling and moulds.

We can inject plastic or rubber, in mono- or bi-material mode, and also overmould metal.

Our robots and production modes guarantee excellent quality at the best cost.

Our Markets

Skill in producing micro-precision parts with aesthetically pleasing results.

Co-design of medical parts produced using plastic injection and overmoulding.

Inter-operation packaging: wide diversity of baskets in different materials and support in rationalising your flows.

Two industrial sites in the Franco-Swiss Jura region

Tavon France

Septmoncel French

Tavon Suisse

Boécourt Swiss