SIAMS 2024


The International Exhibition of Industry, Automation and Microtechnology, better known as SIAMS, is a major event in the world of technology and industry. And as each year Tavon injection will be present (Hall 1.2 booth F7.5), it will be an opportunity to discuss the topics of plastics but especially to share the expertise and know-how Tavon in terms of injection, plastic overmolding and rubber.

This event covers a wide range of fields, from automation to microtechnology. There are companies specialized in the manufacture of machine tools, electronic components, automation systems and micro-technology.

The highlights of the SIAMS

One of the most striking features of SIAMS is the diversity of exhibitors and presentations. Leading companies in the sector take advantage of this event to unveil their latest creations and share their visions for the future of the industry. Live demonstrations, training sessions and interactive discussions make SIAMS an immersive experience for visitors.

Current trends 


In recent editions of SIAMS, some major trends have emerged. Industry 4.0, which integrates technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and data analysis, continues to play a central role. Companies are looking to optimize their production processes, increase operational efficiency, and meet growing consumer demands for customization.

SIAMS remains an unmissable event for industry players, a biennial event offering a unique platform to explore the latest trends, discover cutting-edge innovations and establish fruitful collaborations.

Location of TAVON Injection’ booth : Hall 1.2 booth F7.5

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